Trader Education & Software

 An industry leader in the world of Technical Analysis, Robin Mesch of Robin Mesch Associates (RMA) is known for her innovation in market theory, pioneering market models and building custom trading software and indicators. RMA’s comprehensive market analytics assist professional traders in developing a unique market perspective and specialized understanding to interpret the language of the market, empowering them to read the market effectively and profitably.

RMA’s Software & Analytics

RMA’s Software & Analytics are a sophisticated suite of trading software that organizes market data to reveal the underlying psychology driving the auction process. These unique indicators and data display formats tap into the cycles of market activity to capture the negotiation of value through the usage of price over time.

The RMA Software bridges fundamental and technical approaches to assist the professional trader in identifying and objectifying key areas of support and resistance, target expectations, performance demands and stops based on market structure rather than price.

At the core of the RMA Software is the ability to assist traders in determining the direction, conviction and duration of the controlling order flow. Through multi-dimensional market models and custom indicators RMA’s software organizes market data to reveal the capacity of the driving order flow to sustain direction toward the acceptance of future value which gives the experienced trader a distinct advantage.

RMA’s trading methodology, charting package and suite of proprietary indicators combined with personalized training and support are designed to enhance the trader’s ability to create sound scenarios and strategies that can be executed with confidence.

The RMA Advanced Trader Education Program

Access to the Mesch Methodology and RMA’s comprehensive suite of proprietary indicators and market data analytics are available exclusively to the professional trader via the RMA Advanced Trader Education Program. This program offers a mentorship approach that assists traders in deepening their understanding of the market through the application of RMA’s robust suite of custom indicators and objectified trading methodology.

The program consists of 30 hours of customized instruction, labs and strategy sessions delivered over a 2-3 month period in a live, online and interactive format which includes intensive training, coursework and integration support. The core material is delivered in a small group format via semi-weekly web based classes supplemented by weekly individual lab sessions. After the initial instruction period is complete, on-demand strategy sessions support the conversion of the RMA approach into practical application.

The RMA Advanced Trader Education Program is an intensive program that requires a high degree of focus and commitment on the part of the student while offering an engaging educational experience for those eager to enhance their trading in a relatively short timeframe. While the initial training phase covers 30 hours of instruction over a 2-3 month period, a 1-year commitment and software license is required. A qualified applicant must have at least 3 years of trading experience and be a full time professional trader.

Those interested in learning more about the RMA Software and Advanced Trader Education Program
are invited to contact our office and schedule a demo of the software platform and analytics.